Friday, June 29, 2012

Google's Chrome Continues its Conquest

Today I simultaneously downloaded Google Chrome for my ASUS Transformer-101 Android tab and iPhone. I'm pleased to report the two mobile versions have just as excellent levels of functionality as the desktop version. It shows me open tabs and bookmarks across devices, delivers quick search results (albeit purposely a little slower), offers incognito browsing and has tabs rather than Safari's constantly reloading windows.

It works even better on my TF-101 because of the full Google integration native to the Android OS, though I'm not sure why exactly they even bothered keeping the native Browser. It seems like Google could've averted a fair amount of confusion had they just smartly replaced the built in browser (which is basically a stripped down version of Chrome) with the real Chrome as they did the Android Market with Google Play. The browser has just about all of Chrome's functions except of course access to the extensions.

These days it seems like there's even less reason to buy an Android phone, despite awesome strides by HTC and others, because now you can have the best of Android right on your iPhone. I hope this era of cooperation or at least grudging tolerance continues, though it's undoubtedly fragile.

The only thing Safari has that I like better is the READER function for offline easier on the eyes article viewing. You can probably do similar things through Chrome, but I have no clue how. A couple years ago, when the desktop version of Safari made a splash by offering READER functions, developers responded with Readability. My suspicion is that you can add READER functionality or something like it using Bookmarklets, though at present it doesn't seem to work based on my own tests. Also, you can change Chrome to your default browser on the iPhone in a couple different ways.

Like this if you're jailbroken.

Like this if you aren't.

This second method doesn't work quite as well and isn't exactly making Chrome your default browser, but giving you the option to use it in the midst of opening a link.

Thus far, for an app less than 24 hours old, I'm impressed!