Sunday, April 1, 2007

Two Crooks in Monte Carlo

So who made you?

Good old Rocky Rainier himself.

No way.


What was he even doing there?

I don't know, but he was the one. Came right up to me on the floor and asked me how I was doing. I told him I was doing okay and he just gave me this cool smile.

And that was it?

Yeah, that was it.

So how do you know you were made?

I just knew.

You just knew?


Come on. He must have done something else. Said something maybe?

No, that was it. Just a how you doing and I knew.

Bullshit. What, did he have security surrounding you or something?

No, nothing like that.

I don't believe it. So you mean to tell me you walked away from a potential score on a Frenchman's smile?

A Moneguasce, and yes.

That's crazy.

Not when you been doing this as long as I have. See, when you're about to take a guy, you have to know him. Taking something from someone is intimate. It's like...being in love with them. You get to know their operation, their habits, their kinks. You know a guy like that then you look him in the eye and you know when it's enough.

Right. Sure you didn't just lose your nerve?

Hey, I've been on lots of jobs and nerve has nothing to do with it. When you've got the plan, you know what's going down. Nerves get left in the war room. Everything happens or it doesn't. Once it doesn't, it's over. You walk. Rainier gave me the look. He was inside the plan. So that was it. He was in and I was out.

So how much did you lose?

About sixty large for the blueprints and recon, but I made it up the next day.


F-1 was the next day. I picked the right car.


It's been said.

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